Personal awards & recognitions

2023 Edward L. and Dessa B. Keller Memorial Scholarship Recipient

The Edward L. and Dessa B. Keller Memorial Scholarship provides scholarships to Penn State Outreach and Online Education staff members who are enrolled in a degree program at Penn State World Campus or University Park and have achieved academic success.

2020-21 Mark Lipper Journalism Scholarship Recipient

The Mark Lipper Journalism Scholarship is awarded to one Shippensburg University communication/journalism student each year. The award committee search for students who are active in student media and are passionate for journalism.

2021 Adviser's Award

The Adviser's Award recognizes the dedication of a Slate staff member who went above and beyond in their role in the organization.

Shippensburg University student spotlight

I was featured on SU's website for my participation and achievements in student media.

2022 Student Keystone Media Awards Contest

2021 Student Keystone Media Awards Contest

Layout and design, honorable mention, "Slate 2020 Graduation Insert"

2020 Student Keystone Media Awards Contest

Feature photo, honorable mention, "Old Main Fountain"

Organization's awards

Keystone Media Awards

The Slate earned 16 Keystone Media Awards during my tenure as managing editor and editor-in-chief. Members of the Pennsylvania Newsmedia Association judged the work against other four-year state universities with enrollment under 10,000. The awards included:

2020: Sports photo, honorable mention; feature photo, honorable mention

2021: Editorial, 1st place*; column, 1st place, feature photo, first place; news photo, first place; photo story, honorable mention; layout and design, honorable mention; website, first place*

2022: General news, 2nd place; sports story, 1st place; sports story, honorable mention; editorial, 1st place*; review, 2nd place; photo story, honorable mention; website, honorable mention*

*Significantly contributed to content development/management

American Scholastic Press Association Annual Newspaper Review

The Slate also placed in the American Scholastic Press Association's (ASPA) newspaper awards contest. The paper received first-place category recognition in the 2020 and 2021 competitions. This award recognizes student-run publications based on various points including layout, content and quality.

Shippensburg University Student Life Awards

2020-21: The Slate earned Exemplary Student Group Award